Detox your mind + create beautiful calm. Get free training in YogaNursing®. Learn how to be a highly paid & sought after corporate stress relief expert.

Welcome to a New Order of Holistic Nurses- YogaNurses®


YogaNursing® training offers Accredited Continuing Education for Nurses

A holistic nursing adjunct therapy for you and your nursing practice

The union of the ancient wisdom of Yoga with the science of modern Nursing.

Feel good remedies + transformational life and profitable career options.

The yin + the yang. Self-care + sacred service. A calm, experiential way to HEAL.

Who is YogaNursing® For?

You love nursing, yoga and have a deep desire to give sacred service.
You’re afraid your current job will never give you the life and income you desire.
You yearn to break free from traditional nursing J-O-B frustration.
You dream of making a BIG difference spiritually, physically and financially.
You’re afraid or unsure if you know enough to transition, or how to make it pay.

What Do You Learn?

The YogaNursing training is proven, astonishingly easy, and anyone can do it.

Learn seven, GENTLE seated stretches, simple breathing + relaxation techniques.
After you learn the self-care program for yourself, you can teach it to a massive health care market place- patients, hospitals, business, government, retreats and groups.

PLUS learn how to MARKET yourself as a highly sought after, highly paid stress relief expert that healthcare wants now!

It’s absolutely my dharma in life to serve YOU with guidance, structure and a
to get there.

YogaNursing® Mission Statement:

To create a global army of modern nightingales, Yoga Nurses, to uplift and expand consciousness in health care; relieve SAPS- Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Suffering,
and improve quality of life for nurses and their patients worldwide.

A nurse who teaches stress prevention + yoga therapy is poised to truly ‘expand consciousness in health care‘, make a difference & make money.

I’m Annette Tersigni RN (Ter-sea- knee ), wellness crusader, passionate rebel with a cause, and founder of YogaNursing. As a best selling author, speaker, mentor and trainer, I’ve helped thousands of people to end the pain & find peace.

What I know for sure

“Ultimately, yoga helps us to have an experience of God…of the sacred. It invites us into the mystery we seek and ultimately is seeking us.” Love Annette

Like what you see?

Is your heart and soul answering yes? Could this be destiny?


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