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YogaNursing- the Art of Caring. February 26-27
Winston Salem, North Carolina.
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Flyer Final Winston Salem

What is YogaNursing?

A New Movement, Theory + Care Plan in Nursing

1. A holistic nursing adjunct therapy for you, your patients + workplace wellness

2. The union of the ancient wisdom of Yoga with the science of modern Nursing

3. The yin + the yang. Self-care + sacred service. A calm, experiential way to HEAL.

Who is YogaNursing For?
How are we Different?

For Nurses, their patients and clients in the workplace AND:

Practiced by nurses at the Mayo Clinic, nursing colleges, hospitals, and the wellness workplace, YogaNursing is a medical yoga model that’s different than traditional yoga, where getting on the floor is not practical or uncomfortable due to injuries, knee or hip surgeries, inflexibility, excessive weight or other challenges- the practice is done seated or standing. (NO yoga experience necessary.)

AND for entrepreneurial nurses who:

Desire a simple, holistic method to relieve stress, anxiety pain and suffering.

Yearn to break free from traditional nursing J-O-B frustration.

Are afraid or unsure if you know enough to transition or HOW TO make it pay.

lindsay pemble certified yoga nurse“As a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner, I was searching for my niche, (and my tribe.) I finally found it with YogaNursing. I started with Annette’s Intro training, and soon moved on to become a CYN- A Certified YogaNurse®.

What Do You Learn?

YogaNursing is proven, astonishingly easy, and anyone can do it.

Learn Seven, ESSENTIAL seated stretches, simple breathing + relaxation techniques.

After you learn the self-care program for yourself, you can teach it to a massive health care market place- patients, hospitals, business, government, retreats and groups.

PLUS learn how to MARKET yourself as a highly sought after, highly paid stress relief expert that healthcare wants now!

From Hollywood to Healer:
The dark, the light, the vision and the calling

I’m Annette Tersigni RN (Ter-sea- knee ), passionate wellness crusader and founder of YogaNursing®. After a lucrative career in Hollywood as an actor/cover girl, my life fell apart when I gave birth to my autistic son. I became a yoga teacher at age 44 to heal my wounded heart…

AND taught waaaay too many beloved nurses who were suffering. After our yoga therapy, they felt rehabilitated, cared for and at peace;
it was then– I SAW THE LIGHT!

The VISION came. I saw a New Corps of Nurses– Yoga Nurses! At the age of 51, yep!, I had the CALLING to become an RN…but I had to walk with pain to find it. The rest is- well, ahem– nursing history.

Now, as a best selling author, speaker, mentor and trainer, I’ve helped thousands of nurses and their patients to experience health, peace and wisdom.
It’s absolutely my dharma in life to serve YOU with guidance, structure and a
to create a holistic nursing career you love.

YogaNurse® Mission Statement:

To create a global army of modern nightingales, Yoga Nurses, to uplift and expand consciousness in health care; relieve SAPS- stress, anxiety, pain and suffering, and to create health, peace and wisdom for nurses and their patients worldwide.

“DIVE DEEPLY into your calling.
You’re not here just to do a job.
You’re here to embody your spiritual mission.
To carry the lamp. Be a light unto others.”
~ Annette Tersigni RN, founder of YogaNursing®

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“A nurse who teaches stress prevention + medical yoga is poised to truly expand consciousness in health care make a difference & make money.”

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