do you feel like a servant?

Do you feel like a servant?

Today I had a coaching call with one of my clients, a massage therapist. She told me she felt like a servant. Have you ever felt like a servant? Listen to my response and take away some help with the answer for your self. Three little minutes of power with out any force. This could change your life…really, it changed mine.

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  1. Annette, Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom, they make me stop and reflect on the importance of giving and receiving. I know in giving I receive so many gifts from the universe. This is not a barter system, but a trust I will receive all I need.

  2. Thank you for this short and simple reminder. As human beings we too often get wrapped up in ‘ourselves’, in part due to the busy world we live in and in part because we are just trying to keep up. This was a nice reminder to “serve’ others and you will be served in return … It really works! It is a ‘practice’ for us all to incorporate into our daily lives. Thank you again. Happy 4th everyone!

    1. Thx for the comment Cynthia! Also, serving ourselves FIRST is the foundation for all service to others, meaning we want to restore our batteries with conscious practices that fill our cups…so we can continue to serve. Happy 4th back to you with gratitude.

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