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Why Stop Coffee + Chocolate Before A Mammogram

Wow! Wish I would have known this before my last 2 mammograms. The results of my last two mammo’s gave me major anxiety.

There was an “abnormal” finding and I had to go back for a second mammo, an ultra sound, AND a biopsy…only to find out that I had a cyst. Ugh! Very common for many women, SO…this is what I leaned in my research.

Dana Simpler, M.D., an internist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore recently shared this on iVillage. “Both chocolate and caffeine can stimulate breast cysts, which are not only tender when squished, but because they look `abnormal’ on a mammogram, they’ll require more testing with a repeat mammogram or ultrasound,” She adds, “That will ultimately show the abnormality is a fluid-filled sac and not cancerous, but it still costs you time, money and anxiety.”

Tell yourself Chocolate? coffee? it’s not leaving the planet! I can have it again, after my mammogram. Hope this information serves you.

love Annette, AKA the Yoga Nurse. OH and DO share the tip here with your women friends and loved ones.
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