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This training is one part instruction, one part experiential, sensual feast, and one part cyber download. It’s text! It’s audios. It’s visuals! It’s a pure transmission of caring, wisdom, love and service from my nursing heart to yours.

You’ll get 10 ANCC approved nursing CNEs toward your required ongoing education with a certificate of completion where applicable.

You’ll complete TEN engaging, safe training modules you can do at home at your own pace and DOWNLOAD FROM ANY COUNTRY in the world. Then apply the teachings to uplift you and your patients.


  • Exclusively for Nurses WORLDWIDE. RNs, NPs, APRNs, LPNs of all shapes and sizes, and levels of health— who are intrigued with the bounty of uniting nursing and yoga– AND for Yoga Teachers (who are not necessarily nurses), who desire to create a safe practice, prevent injuries + get more medical cred related to teaching yoga as therapy
  • You are excited about being a nurse entrepreneur-stress relief expert-yoga teacher- therapist earning $75-$150 per hr, or $1500 a day & more!
  • Prerequisites: You are ‘into’ yoga or want to be. You have Zero experience in yoga, some yoga experience, or you are a certified yoga teacher
  • You love the idea of learning from home (in your ‘jammies’) at your own pace
  • You crave a visionary kind of nursing education that is not…ahem—boring… that will pull you out of a “nursing funk” and amp up your productivity & creativity
  • You are a ‘newbie’ nurse who is disappointed with the real world of nursing and want to learn how to transition into the exciting new field of YogaNursing
  • You are a ‘seasoned’ nurse who is ripe to take your years of expertise and dedication into a fresh area of nursing and get the appreciation you deserve
  • You may already practice holistic therapies like: massage, reiki, therapeutic touch
  • You are passionate about personal + spiritual development + making a difference
  • You feel the cost of this training offers exceptional value, compared to the price of other nursing, yoga therapy, and wellness specialty trainings that cost $5000-$10,000.


  • You cringe at the mention of the word yoga
  • You cringe at the mention of the word self-care
  • You don’t like stretching- your body, your mind
  • You don’t like to get ‘laid back’ and rest
  • You are not into holistic nursing complementary medicine
  • You are satisfied with your present nursing job and salary
  • You don’t believe in a power greater than you

**Annette Tersigni RN, is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the North Carolina State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the ANCC- American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Yoga Nursing™ Essentials Digital Training



150price(Hint: ask your nurse management if they’ll pay for a portion of your training.)


Q: Is it worth the price?

A: This program represents well over 100 hours of my time. When I do One on One mentoring, a ninety minute session is $225 alone. Therefore, the program represents $22,000 in value or more. That said, I’d definitely recommend picking up the program for $150. Live group trainings with me at the Kripalu Center and other venues cost on average between $800-$1200 for the program, travel, hotels. My mission is to help nurses and nursing by making my offer simply irresistible. I stand behind it 100% —yes, it’s worth it. PLUS, you get a tax write off, and where applicable, you get CNEs 🙂 [wpaudio url=”″ text=”PLAY AUDIO”]

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Take this training at your own pace AT HOME. Over a weekend, a few weeks or a couple of months. Time invested? A base line of 10-12 hours of inspiring, convenient, feel good time for YOU that gets results!


Module 1: Getting clear on your strength + passion: setting the stage for your training Manual, audio, transcript + WORKSHEET: The 10 Essential Questions.
Module 2: Yoga Nursing Core Principles, evolution and use in nursing practice. What you want to know related to the boundless therapeutic benefits of Yoga Nursing as an adjunct therapy in a variety of nursing clinical settings. Manual, Audio + transcript.
Module 3: The Yoga Nursing Sacred Remedy Rx, the ABCs, Manual, Audio + transcript.
Module 4: Sacred Breath– the life source Manual, Audio, video + transcript.
Module 5: Sacred Movement 1 – Seated Postures The seven essential postures — suitable for nurses and for their patients, safety, contra- indications, + stretches for carpal tunnel – Manual, Audio, video + transcript.
Module 6: Sacred Movement 2 – Standing + floor postures, safety + contra-indications – Manual, Audio + transcript.
Module 7: Sacred Rest – Manual, Audio + transcript.
Module 8: Marketing 101 – Manual, Audios, PDFs + liability forms, letters + advertising templates, “Who to” and “How to” market at work & in your community.
Module 9: Yoga Nurse Sound Bytes + Radio + Bonus Audios + interviews + video.
Module 10: Resources + Make extra cash.

YOU GET an extravaganza including a pretty, enlightening and fun study guide +

12 awesome audios, 5 videos + 5 magic marketing templates, 4 forms and letters
( legal liability and letters to HR decision makers), an essential worksheet, and 6 transcripts, if you prefer to read instead of listen to audio.

PLUS A BONUS– my revealing book, The Yoga Nurse’s Story: From Hollywood to Healer,

a $15.00 value.

  • EXPERIENCE the fundamental non-boring theory and fundamentals of ‘Yoga Nursing’: including the Three Part Remedy Rx— a cost effective solution to ‘depressing’ CRITICAL STRESS, ANXIETY, PAIN AND SUFFERING.
  • BEGIN to expand your teaching vocabulary, allowing you to explain and demonstrate the essentials with confidence and safety— and have clients actually do them + love you for helping them feel wonderful.
  • MASTER a series of step-by-step nurse-patient-friendly sequences. Priceless sequences that’ll give you and your clients immediate, bountiful benefits.
  • REVEAL some of your own habitual ‘body, mind and emotional baggage’ — and clear  out the obstacles that are blocking the ‘flow’ of your life force and spirit, so you can come home to the heart of your nursing service.
  • LEARN who to and how to market the ‘essentials’ to monetize your income + get a fabulous offer to MAKE EXTRA CASH by becoming a ‘ Yoga Nursing Essentials™ affiliate partneronly available (FOR FREE) exclusively to nurses who have taken my trainings, online or in person.



A few terrific testimonials from nurses who have taken YogaNursing™ Essentials:

#1 Dear Annette,
I am thrilled to be able to purchase the online Yoga Nurse Training! I’ve also begun some of the meditations and actually fell asleep because I was so relaxed NOT bored!!! I’ve also spoken to my VN school and they’d like me to begin to incorporate the Yoga Nurse program at school, not only for nursing students and staff, but also for other Allied Health students and staff…EXCITING things are about to happen!! I can feel it!! -Astrid Cooper RN

#2 Dear Annette,
I’m about 3 hours into your lectures and feel intoxicated. I foresee a sleepless night ahead of me as I revamp my website and program. Your work is already quite an inspiration to me even though I just discovered you about 4 hours ago = 🙂

Thank you for such a great deal! Russ Burdette, RN

#3 Dear Annette,
Yoga Nurse Essentials, a new offering by Annette Tersigni, is a powerful tool for self-examination, personal growth, and self-care. Geared towards nurses interested in holistic health and the YogaNurse model, this self-paced course allows the user to learn at his or her own pace, integrating the prescribed practices in an organic, self-directed fashion.

Using the printed word, video instruction and audio files, different personal learning styles are accommodated. The varied structure and format make the learning process interesting, fun, flexible and participatory, while maintaining the integrity and cohesiveness of the material.

Whether you’re a nurse who currently practices yoga or a nurse who is new to holistic models of care, I highly recommend Yoga Nurse Essentials, for both personal and professional growth. -Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, Nurse, coach, blogger, Santa Fe, NM

#4 Dear Annette,
I have been brainstorming for the last year on other ways I could integrate nursing and yoga. I have been meditating and praying to be shown my purpose in life. I really like my current job but feel like it is not what I am destined to do. Then, I came across your website!!

I devoured the Yoga Nurse Essentials course and have sent in the application to your yoga nurse certification program. I have big dreams about doing what I love while serving and making a difference for nurses and in healthcare. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you for what you have created. I am feeling so inspired it is all I can think about! Blessings, -Angela Sisk, MSN, RN, OCN, Oncology Nurse Navigator

#5 Annette,
I have finished the lessons and your modules. I found it very rewarding and useful for my Mental Health Nursing. I plan to implement the structure with adolescent patients in my unit during nursing educational programs. Thank you for your support in Yoga Nursing. Hope to work with you.-Norman Nathan Phelps, RN, Mental Health Nursing

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“Your work is fascinating and intriguing to say the least. I think it is wonderfully creative and of great service to caring, healing and health for nurses and all whom they touch.” Dr. Jean Watson, distinguished nursing theory leader

“Annette is the consummate bridge between two worlds – savvy, practical, innovative, assertive, and at the same time visionary, spiritual, compassionate-All wrapped in a beautiful package with skill and expertise as the foundation. She brings yoga to nursing not just for patients in recovery, but also for nurses as a stress management and work-life balance tool. Thanks Annette for your inspiration to us all.” Patricia Raskin Positive Living™ Radio.

“Annette is the “enlightened” Florence Nightingale for today’s overworked caregivers and nurturers of wellness. She’s also a leading-edge voice for the critically needed radical transformation of our health care industry.” Mynde Mayfield