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I am Annette Tersigni, RN and YogaNurse Founder. My mission is to create a sustainable career plan for spiritual lifestyle nurses. We teach a holistic nursing adjunct tx called “THE SACRED REMEDY” to relieve stress for nurses and improve patient care.

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The YogaNursing Essentials Course
Get 10 CEUs - Start with our foundational course for $187! Find clarity on your strengths & your purpose, teach the Essentials in your practice.
The YogaNurse Academy Presents A Revolutionary Nursing Movement
Yoganurse: The union of the ancient wisdom of Yoga with the science of modern Nursing. Become part of the community that is changing nurses and nursing worldwide.
YNYTT: Yoganurse Yoga Teacher Training
The first and only yoga teacher training made specifically for nurses. Become A CYN (Certified YogaNurse). Enrolment opens once a year.
with Annette Tersigni and Team YogaNurse®

YogaNurse® Yoga Teacher Training

If you’re a holistic nurse seeking a NURSE curriculum Yoga Teacher Training, you are UNIQUELY positioned to inject passion and meaning back into the nursing profession while expanding your impact, influence and income! Yoganurse Yoga Teacher Training is the first and only yoga teacher training specifically for NURSES. Learn how to safely and effectively prescribe yoga in your nursing practice.

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The YogaNurse® Essentials eCourse

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Get 10 CEUs when you enroll for $187.

When you Sign Up for the YogaNursing Essentials Course, you will learn the ESSENTIALS of the yoganurse model of care. Learn the yoganurse sacred remedy, and apply it in patient treatment. Our most popular, affordable, introductory course! Enroll right now and get immediate access to the course.

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Become a Certified YogaNurse®

Certification is for nurses who wish to go beyond the ‘YogaNursing Essentials’ and become a Certified YogaNurse (CYN). This enables gives you the ability to teach official trademarked, licensed YogaNursing classes, and call yourself a Certified YogaNurse® (CYN) + YogaNurse Instructor. You will be a Licensor.

Progress from nurse for hire to nurse CEO as a certified YogaNurse®

The YogaNursing Essentials is still a prerequisite to becoming a CYN so be sure to start there! If you’re interested in becoming a CYN, you may also opt in to our newsletter so you will be notified when enrolment is open.

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Train with us Live in Person.

Speak your language encouragement. With a plan, structure and guidance. Meet our team of CYN’s and the founder of the Yoganurse Model of Care, Annette Tersigni. Interact, ask questions and get professional guidance on creating a holistic nursing career. No previous experience in yoga required. 

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by Annette Tersigni, RN

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The Yoganurse® Mission Statement

To create a global army of modern nightingales, Yoga Nurses, to expand consciousness in health care;

Relieve SAPS – Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Suffering.

Create health, peace and wisdom for nurses and their patients worldwide.

“DIVE DEEPLY into your calling. You’re not here just to do a job. You’re here to embody your spiritual mission. To carry the lamp. Be a light unto others.”

Annette Tersigni, RN, Founder of YogaNurse®

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Annette Tersigni
RN, Founder - CEO of YogaNurse®

The Founder of YogaNurse®

“I have a dream…to expand consciousness in health care.” My name is Annette Tersigni RN (Ter-sea- knee ), certified yoga teacher,  wellness crusader and founder of YogaNurse® and the YogaNurse Model Of Care.

As a best selling author, speaker, mentor and trainer, I’ve helped thousands of nurses and their patients to experience health, peace and wisdom.

It’s absolutely my dharma (purpose) in life to serve YOU with guidance, structure and a
HOW TO PLAN to create a holistic nursing career you love. MORE ABOUT ME

"We cannot change the nursing culture without changing the nursing consciousness"
- Annette Tersigni RN - Founder of YogaNurse® Established in 2006

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In spirit of our upcoming training: YNYTT (Yoganurse Yoga Teacher Training), we are giving away this jam-packed guide full of wonderful curated tips that will help you become a highly effective & highly influential nurse yoga teacher.

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