#1 The Most Essential Practice of Your Job as a NURSE 

HAPPY SPRING! Trusting you have weathered the Winter storms, both in the outer life and the inner life.
I feel compelled to share some contemplative thoughts to stir your soul.
Plus a few resources to consider on your life journey. 
#1 The Most Essential Practice of Your Job as a NURSE 
As a nurse or indeed as a human being with any job, there are those days.
Yes, those days where we get sucked into the mire of negativity permeating from various sources – like: our colleagues at work, our family, our friends, local and world news. ARGGGH!
We can choose to wallow in the muddy, shit storm, or we can choose to get out fast! 
How do we get out fast? With the Practice of Positive Prana. 
Definition of Prana: The simple version is ENERGY. Your vibrations. 
Good vibes vs bad vibes. 
In the YogaNurse Model of Care, we offer a SACRED SERVICE
 to treat the malaise. 
THE SOLUTION = Positive Prana.  
Part of your job, life description is to be a bearer of Positive Prana. 
​​​​​​​Bottom Line – Positive energy is part of your Sacred Service.
To everyone in your life. Everyone. The good, the bad, the ugly. 
​​​​​​​YOU are the temple, the altar out of which your sacred service flows. 
Your practice.
The practice of the presence of loving kindness and compassion.  
The FASTEST WAY out of the dark is to breathe in the light. 
Pause. Stop. Bring your attention to the breath of life. 
To the Great Spirit, a Holy Spirit – the infinite reservoir of POSITIVE PRANA.
This will immediately shift your negative vibes to positive vibes…overtime with practice, it will become part of you – to return to the practice of the presence. 
Soul Food to Inspire the Practice of the Presence of Positive Prana
Love is my bottom Line.
Love can be trusted. Without love I sink into madness.
May I never be cynical.
​​​​​​​I surrender my critical nature.
I release judgment, attacking and blaming. 
I place my mind in service to love.
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​​​​​​​Damaris Maria Grossman CYN, NEW Doctorate of Nursing Practice at International Conference on Integrative Medicine and Health
Damaris will be there as a leader representing the YogaNurse Model of Care in a featured POSITIVE PRANA Poster Presentation. Talk to her in person, and experience this conscious conference with other leaders in the field.
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In loving Sacred Service,
Annette Tersigni RN,

Founder of YogaNurse®

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