7 day “Journal into Higher Consciousness” YogaNurse Challenge – FREE Printable Inside

Yoga is a teacher and most of all it is a compassionate, loving and forgiving presence in our lives. As you can tell, I’m feeling sooo much love for this ancient eastern wisdom today and everyday. Okay, most days. Haha. I know, we all feel tired sometimes and resistant to our practice. 

What makes you feel resistant to practicing yoga regularly? 

You may start your journey into yoga with many fears about your appearance or body…

You fear how you might look to people. Are you overweight, underweight, too masculine, too old, too tired, not flexible or fit enough? 

You might begin your yoga practice in the hopes that it will give you a great body or better looks. It will. Yoga has a sense of humor though, because once you commit to it, you’ll find your perception of beauty changes completely and you were never as unpretty as you once believed.

You may start yoga in search of better looks. Yoga has a sense of humor though, once you commit to it, you’ll find your perception of beauty changes, you were never as unpretty as you once believed. pic.twitter.com/7hwxwacHWF Share on X

You may feel like you don’t have enough time…

You do not need to have 90 minute yoga sessions, in fact doing yoga regularly for just 10 minutes per session is ALL you really need to see a difference. Show up daily or show up often.

If there was ever a love to commit to, yoga would be a worthy one. It is forgiving and versatile. You can do it in bed, on a chair, fully clothed outside, naked too if that’s allowed, in PJ’s or scrubs, you can do it in non-slip socks when you get cold feet, yoga totally rocks. 

You give up BEFORE the miracle happens…

Yoga changes you in ways that might not be obvious to you from day to day. It is a patient and gradual climb, shifting your consciousness higher with each breath. It’s something that you might not actively make note of as you drift into a better space in your being and in your health…so here’s an idea…actively MAKE A NOTE of it. 

7 Day “Journal into Higher Consciousness” YogaNurse Challenge!

For just 7 days, do a 10 minute gentle, therapeutic yoga session then JOURNAL it. Journaling can be a POWERFUL tool that deepens your practice and revives self-care and compassion. You do not need a fancy journal and you do not need to do it forever…just 7 days to start with (longer if you’re enjoying it).

To make it even more convenient, I’ve included a FREE printable for you to use, print it, share it, most of all WRITE on it! 

What I hope this challenge might do for you:

  1. Reduce resistance you might currently be facing.
  2. Prove to yourself that you don’t need to be perfect to do yoga.
  3. Recognize that you CAN afford to spare 10 minutes a day even on your busiest days.

Most of all, I hope it will help you fall back in love with yoga and find more compassion for yourself. Have fun. 🙂 

Remember: the goal isn’t to be perfect, adapt the poses to suit your body. 

Do COMMENT and let me know if you’re on board with this challenge! I would love to hear how it turns out. 

Much Love,

Annette Tersigni, RN

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