A Magical Mantra for Nurses to Prevent Burn Out

 Serving up a quick, effective mantra custom made for nurses. Don’t miss out!

Created with love by Certified YogaNurse®, Lindsay Pemble, Cardiac Nurse Practitioner.


Our YogaNurse team truly hopes this serves you, lightens your heart and feeds your soul.

Do you feel more at peace, calm, rejuvenated? Share the love by sharing this meditation with other nurses.

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With big, bountiful LOVE from our YogaNurse Team.

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  1. Thank you Lindsay, a much needed and early reminder, to take a moment, pause and remind ourselves of our own self-worth, service to others that we provide, and need for self-care.

  2. Loved this and thank you so much for sharing. I just enjoyed your gift and it was serene & inviting. I had a stressful afternoon and this returned my mind and body to a restful state. Namaste

  3. Hi, Lindsay!

    It was so generous of you to create this mantra for nurses! You really went over the “monkey mind” well. I think the idea of reflecting on the reasons someone became a nurse is a truly positive way to redirect thoughts to a healthier place. I also enjoy the part of the mantra that said, “I am calm.” I may start saying that to myself today.

    1. This is so essential. Reflecting on why you became a nurse and also why you choose to stay in it daily. We’re always rushing into the day without much time for reflection and that’s where the pain starts to set in. Reflection allows us to understand what we need and to make the changes we need to make so we can stay true to ourselves. Lindsay’s meditation is so simple and no matter how busy we are, we can all afford time for this mantra.

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