See How Hope & Love Triumph in Italy + How to Strengthen your Immune System

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Being the conscious, caring nurse that you are, I know you’re doing your level best to try and contain the panic that’s undoubtedly rising all around you while WHO officially declares covid-19 a pandemic. As your N95 mask gets snatched out from under your nose, I’m certain you are more worried about the spread of panic than you are about the spread of disease at this point. 

The effects can be devastating and you might be feeling uneasy right now which is why I’d like to invite you to take a break from the fear, find a quiet spot and please relax and enjoy this post. 

As some of you may know, with a last name like Tersigni, I’m Italian. I’ve got relatives in Italy and l went to University in Siena Italy, majoring in art history. My heart goes out to the many Italians (and everyone worldwide) affected by covid-19. It is a dark time for many but despite this, our need for human connection and our spirit stays strong. Watch as Italians on lock down sing their hearts out from their balconies, showing humanity at its conscious caring best!!

Human Connection Shines Brightly in Dark Times

If that didn’t make your heart smile enough, please try this beautiful healing meditation by Marianne Williamson, activist, author, spiritual leader and founder of Project Angel Food.

I have been inspired by Marianne for more than 25 years and this is something nurses can do and share far and wide to bring yourself and others to a place of peace and healing. 

Start by Pressing Play and do This for Yourself First:

Here’s a little wisdom you can share with people right now. 

In case you need a little help addressing the panic in your community, here’s a piece written by Canadian physician, Dr. Abu Sharkawy to help people reevaluate the course of action they should take in the face of a pandemic.

I’m a doctor and an Infectious Diseases Specialist. I’ve been at this for more than 20 years seeing sick patients on a daily basis. I have worked in inner city hospitals and in the poorest slums of Africa. HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis,TB, SARS, Measles, Shingles, Whooping cough, Diphtheria…there is little I haven’t been exposed to in my profession. And with notable exception of SARS, very little has left me feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed or downright scared.

I am not scared of Covid-19. I am concerned about the implications of a novel infectious agent that has spread the world over and continues to find new footholds in different soil. I am rightly concerned for the welfare of those who are elderly, in frail health or disenfranchised who stand to suffer mostly, and disproportionately, at the hands of this new scourge. But I am not scared of Covid-19.

What I am scared about is the loss of reason and wave of fear that has induced the masses of society into a spellbinding spiral of panic, stockpiling obscene quantities of anything that could fill a bomb shelter adequately in a post-apocalyptic world. I am scared of the N95 masks that are stolen from hospitals and urgent care clinics where they are actually needed for front line healthcare providers and instead are being donned in airports, malls, and coffee lounges, perpetuating even more fear and suspicion of others. I am scared that our hospitals will be overwhelmed with anyone who thinks they “probably don’t have it but may as well get checked out no matter what because you just never know…” and those with heart failure, emphysema, pneumonia and strokes will pay the price for overfilled ER waiting rooms with only so many doctors and nurses to assess.

I am scared that travel restrictions will become so far reaching that weddings will be canceled, graduations missed and family reunions will not materialize. And well, even that big party called the Olympic Games…that could be kiboshed too.

Can you even imagine?

I’m scared those same epidemic fears will limit trade, harm partnerships in multiple sectors, business and otherwise and ultimately culminate in a global recession.

But mostly, I’m scared about what message we are telling our kids when faced with a threat. Instead of reason, rationality, open mindedness and altruism, we are telling them to panic, be fearful, suspicious, reactionary and self-interested.

Covid-19 is nowhere near over. It will be coming to a city, a hospital, a friend, even a family member near you at some point. Expect it. Stop waiting to be surprised further. The fact is the virus itself will not likely do much harm when it arrives. But our own behaviors and “fight for yourself above all else” attitude could prove disastrous.

I implore you all. Temper fear with reason, panic with patience and uncertainty with education. We have an opportunity to learn a great deal about health hygiene and limiting the spread of innumerable transmissible diseases in our society. Let’s meet this challenge together in the best spirit of compassion for others, patience, and above all, an unfailing effort to seek truth, facts and knowledge as opposed to conjecture, speculation and catastrophizing.

Facts not fear. Clean hands. Open hearts.

Our children will thank us for it.

Dr. Abu Sharkawy 

May healing light always surround you

Namaste In Love 🙏

Annette Tersigni & Team Yoganurse

P.S. IF this content has been helpful to you I would love to hear from you! 

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