A podcast to inspire and set your heart chakra on fire. Finding your inner divinity with Lisbeth Overton, RN.

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Nurses are ministers and witnesses to suffering. The practice of centering is where we always begin. The practice of yoga, the practice of finding your divine inner self and connecting with one another. I truly believe that I’ve connected with every one of my YogaNurse students through divine intervention. I see you. I am honored to be present with you, share your pain and your joy as we traverse through our common interest in changing the world of nursing for the better and expanding consciousness in healthcare. 

It brings me so much peace when I see nurses and especially YogaNurses awakened and inspired, using their power and voice to exact positive change in the world. 

One of my earliest students in YogaNursing, Lisbeth Overton, is doing exactly that. From the beginning, I knew she had power. She found her true calling, found her divine inner self, and she is now transforming the lives of women and nurses, helping them find their divine selves. 

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to catch up and we found ourselves setting our heart chakras on fire as we explored all the joys and challenges of nursing and celebrated the indestructible spirit of the nurse. 🔥❤️

Gratitude galore to the angel of podcasts Lisbeth Overton and gratitude to YOU for your sacred service to the world, for your trust in the YogaNurse Mission, and for your divine inner self. 

Give the podcast a listen. It’s well ‘simply divine’. 

Here is our amazing conversation. 

Podcast by Lisbeth Overton, RN with Annette Tersigni, RN

Much love, Xommmmmm ✌️❤️. Namaste in Peace & Love 

Annette Tersigni and Team YogaNurse.

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