Amazing tips to help busy nurses get their spark back with sacred nourishment.

In the YogaNurse tribe we understand these two things intimately.

  • You are BUSY. I like to rephrase the stressful busy word with.. “I’m in abundant service.” 
  • You need help fitting mindful living into your abundant service schedule.

Another thing we understand is that you have no time to prepare yourself a healthy meal every single day. You grab snacks out of the vending machine and eat junk food on the go. I have my fair share of course so no judgement here.

Still, part of our needs in order to age gracefully in nursing and live a healthy life is to eat correctly. We call this Sacred Nourishment in our YogaNurse model of care. Call it the yoga of food.

One idea is meal prep Sundays (and if you work on the weekends it could very well be meal prep Mondays).

Another added benefit dearest, is you will be a nurse with a wonderfully full purse! Meal prep helps you save money. Less wastage and you don’t need to buy cafeteria food or takeout. 

Eating wonderfully prepared healthful delicious meals will help you sparkle as the super star nurse that you are. You will FEEL the difference in your body and in your mind. 

3 Reasons to Use Glassware for storage:

  • You can microwave your food without any plastic chemicals leaking into it. 
  • Your meals will stay fresh and taste great. Yum!
  • Just because you have to eat in a hurry doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about presentation. Glass containers keeps your food looking fresh and appetizing. It will surely pick you up and brighten your day.

You could even get cute mason jars! Or how about a yoganurse branded mason jar? Yes! I need to get me some branded mason jars!

Did I tell you that our logo has magical properties? Haha. Your food will vibrate with love and energy and you will be reminded whenever you see it to breathe. Breathe and enjoy the sustenance from your very own home.

Delicious breakfasts on the go! Irresistible, conscious, sacred nourishment.

So here’s how we are going to do this! 

  • Create a master list of all the meals you can think of that you enjoy. Pick a variety of 2-3 meals that share some common ingredients.
  • Make a grocery list once you’ve picked them.
  • Pack your meal prep in the freezer or refrigerator in zip locks and ready-to-go lunches in glass containers. Readyfor you to grab and go!

TIME-SAVING TIP: Delegate! Ha! You are a nurse, it’s what you do. Delegate tasks to your loved ones. Even the little ones can help. You will get all the meal prep done, have time with the family, and get to eat healthy all week long! There is so much win here! 

3 Mindful Tips for Food Prep: 

1. Did somebody say yoga?

Strike a tree pose while you wait on the microwave or kettle or for your beloved partner to chop up the onions while you hide a few metres away. Ouch Onion Tears!

2. Proper Meal Prep means Preparing Positively and being Powerfully Present, Purely!

We can call it the YogaNurse “PPPPPPP” meditation. 😛

The method: Sink into the sounds and scents, bring awareness to your body as it moves. Feel your feet on the ground. Acknowledge areas of tension in your body and breathe into them. Be present dear one. Be here, now. Enjoy the colors and crispness of your fresh veggies. Enter a mind state of grateful love and joy. Be thankful for the food that will nourish you and your loved ones. Be appreciative of the abundance and your wonderful work as a nurse. 

3. Grow a garden if you can.

Nothing is more pleasing than knowing that the source of your food is pure. We are connected to the earth, to our food, to our roots. Take note of how your food makes you feel. 

For a nice fun, healthy week, be sure to select a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and/or meaty recipes. 

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Healthy Overnight Oats!

Fruit and Greek Yoghurt Parfait in lovely yoganurse mason jars…yeees!

Salads – there’s so many varieties, greek salad, italian, chicken salad, chickpea salad. 

Salad in a jar! Yes!

Buddha bowls also in mason jars.

Quinoa Burrito Bowls.

Sheet pan veggies and chicken.

Smoothies, roughly chopped, portioned out and ready in freezer bags, blend and go!

Add color to your day and give yourself a treat dear. You deserve it. 

AND, I want to give you a little gift.

Truly Happy Meals! Gratitude, Love, Bliss.  

I would looooove to hear about what you eat on a typical workday. Your comments bring me joy.

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