As a woman thinketh…ebook: to empower you

Dear Nurse,

This tiny book offers a BIG dose of spiritual wisdom for women. Completely updated, this adaptation offers a fresh interpretation of the 1903 classic, ‘As a Man Thinketh’ …often called the greatest ‘self help’ book of all time, and others claim to have inspired The Secret and Laws of Attraction. Although still immensely powerful, the original book was written in a time when… frankly no one gave a damn about what women thought.

Thankfully times have changed. This modern-day version serves up
seven bite sized, enlightening remedies and sage, actionable advice.


• Change the self-sabotaging, obstructive stinkin’ thinkin’, that’s
messing up your good karma and blocking you from getting what
you desperately desire.

• Learn how to create the desirable quality of serenity (that everyone man wants in a woman), and live a life you are madly in love with that loves you back.

• AND Hallelujah, – create it NOW~ then this book is absolutely for you! 
It’s never too late to change how you thinketh.

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  1. Thank you so much, Annette. You have been an inspiration to me since we met at Kripalu at least five years ago. I still work in a busy postoperative hospital unit, although I’m 63 now, part-time. Since attending your program, I’ve been leading our beginning-of-shift “huddles‘ with one moment of yoga. Usually it’s a challenging balance asana, sometimes a breathing technique, meditation, or a Loving-kindness blessing. You are the inspiration for bringing the science of yoga to my work.

    1. Dearest Stephanie,
      YOU inspire me!!! Love, love love your one moment of yoga techniques you share in huddle. Keep shining your light and helping your community to shine theirs…inspiration…from in the “spirit” of…bowing deepening to you with love. Annette

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