1. Regular fitness programs are goal oriented. 1. Yoga is a complete process in itself.
2. Exercise only the physical elements of the body. 2. Yoga is a discipline that improves the physical, mental and emotional health of a person.
3. Focus on completing daily benchmarks. 3. Focuses on what you are doing and how you feel as you perform the postures.
4. Fitness programs are predominantly competitive in nature. 4. Yoga sessions are non-competitive and only tap the individual capacity to revitalize the body, mind and soul.
5. Concentrate on physical exertion. 5. Gentle – Concentrates on physical relaxation
6. You fail if you do not meet your daily goals. 6. In Yoga, you succeed by doing.
7. Weight training makes you stronger by breaking down and rebuilding muscle tissue, thus it gives a bulky look. 7. Yoga increases HEALTH – muscle strength is enhanced by toning them.
8. Fitness programs leave you feeling tired and burnt out. 8. Yoga sessions leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Let us explore the differences between Yoga and Motivation workshops and seminars.

Motivation vs Yoga for Stress Relief
1. Involves direct but impersonal interaction between the speaker and audience. 1. Yoga is a direct and personal interaction between the teacher and the student.
2. Interface between the parties is at an intellectual level. 2. Interface between the parties is at a spiritual level.
3. Fails to stimulate the subconscious of the listener. 3. Stimulates the subconscious of the student.
4. The spoken word has a limited impact and is forgotten or erased after a brief period. 4. Yoga evokes the positive energy trapped inside all of us and leaves an everlasting impression on the mind.
5. Only targets the intellect of the person and does little to bring about an overall development in the listener. 5. Yoga goes to a much deeper level. It targets the overall personality of the student and helps to attain equilibrium between the mind, body, breath and spirit.

Yoga is perhaps the only discipline that brings about an overall personality development and leaves one feeling confident, energetic and motivated. It creates the perfect balance in all the systems of the body. It tones the nervous system, releases anxiety and promotes inner harmony.

Yoga strengthens the immune system and helps to develop concentration, focus and mental flexibility. In our daily lives, it helps to develop awareness about the effects of stress and provides the tools to manage it. Its benefits extend from the home and the work place to every aspect of daily life. Regular practice of yoga is proven to bring improved health in mind and body, higher energy levels and increased productivity.

Yoga helps us come out of the vicious circles abundant in our secluded lifestyles. It teaches us to be humble, kind and giving. Most importantly, it not only makes us healthier and fitter, it also makes us happier and better human beings, Undoubtedly, that is the most vital requirement of our times. From Health & Yoga.

“Ultimately, yoga helps us to have an experience of God..of the sacred..it invites us into the mystery that we all seek & ultimately is seeking us. ”
Annette Tersigni RN YogaNurse

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