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No matter what, we can be counted on to provide dramatic results oriented skill sets, out of the box thought leadership and innovations in nursing and health care.

About Our Speaking Services
Annette Tersigni
Founder of YogaNurse®

My name is Annette Tersigni, (Ter-See-Knee) founder of YogaNurse®.

AS an RN stress management and wellness intervention specialist, I will inspire and instruct your organization with a safe Rx, serving experiential, feel good remedies.

I am not a typical, healthcare speaker who stands behind the lectern talking, and relying on another often sleepy power point lecture.

I deliver high energy interactive + experiential talks + break out sessions on— care giver stress relief, self-care, back safety, and burnout prevention- dispensing techniques where no one sits still for long.

For Nurses and leadership for the prevention of Caregiver stress, depression and burn out; this challenge can only be fully related to by those who have lived it.

Roll through our key presentations, and let’s make a date.

If you want to help to elevate employee morale, prevent job burn out, prevent repetitive stress injuries, celebrate creative expression, ignite passion and get your crew to enlighten UP…the YogaNurse model of care will care for you.

Popular Talks & Break Out Sessions
All sessions are interactive and non-intimidating.
Serve Yourself First: Emergency TLC for Caregivers

You will learn the most important care plan of your career—including the YogaNursing core principles, sacred remedy RX + proven benefits of this accredited field in nursing, health care + self-care.

I’ve Got Your Back: Back Care Basics for Nurses

Learn easy, essential postures, seated and standing to strengthen and protect your precious back. How to apply the postures at work and at home in minutes.

Stress Rx for Nursing Heros: Zen at the Bedside

How to care for yourself when your stress is bursting through the roof. Learn + experience fast, easy, actionable tips + interventions to treat and relax yourself, your patients and your loved ones.

Stress Takes a Toll
YogaNursing Reduces Stress

Recent research shows that stress is a major issue for many employees. Stress accounts for $26 million in medical and disability payments and $95 billion in lost productivity per year.

Of employees say they have “high levels of stress with extreme fatigue/feeling out of control.”
Of employees miss one to two days of work per year due to stress.
Of employees surveyed say they come to work one to four days a year when they are too stressed to be effective.
More is spent on Healthcare for workers who report high levels of stress.
Benefits of The YogaNurse Model of Care
In the Workplace

YogaNurse® Stress Management integrates easily into your workplace making it easy for you to offer the healthy benefits of our onsite Yoga classes at your company. See Full PDF


Increases Employee Retention
Improves Productivity
Decreases Absenteeism
Improves Job Satisfaction
Improves Overall Company Health


Relieves Fatigue
Enhances Creative Thinking
Improves Resiliency
Increases Energy
Lowers Muscle Tension and Pain

Experience Workplace Wellness Benefits Immediately

reduce stress & absenteeism

increase productivity, motivation, and work performance

increase employee health and energy levels

improve self-confidence, morale and camaraderie amongst coworkers

Enhance creativity and ability to concentrate

reduce employee turnover

decrease injuries and health problems

teaches individual stress management

decrease disability and worker’s compensation cost

improves decision making and creativity

increases energy, mental alertness, and clarity

improves morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns

reduces muscle tension and pain due to sedentary working positions

improves flexibility and physical strength

creates team building through relaxation

in plain language, it makes your team feel fabulous.

Logistics of Our Programs
Generally, talks are 45-50 minutes and workshop/break out type sessions are 1 to 3 hours . Your crew will be given short, easy, proven tips and techniques that ANYONE can apply. Our programs have a 16 year track record.

Fees are based on location, number of participants, and a full day or half day minimum rate, plus transportation and accommodations. Write us a few lines outlining your interest and focus group. Provide a phone number and our team will contact you within 72 hours and we can strategize further on how we can offer value to your organization.

Get powerful curated tips on the art of nurses teaching yoga

In spirit of our upcoming training: YNYTT (Yoganurse Yoga Teacher Training), we are giving away this jam-packed guide full of wonderful curated tips that will help you become a highly effective & highly influential nurse yoga teacher.

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