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On YogaNursing
Annette Tersigni RN (TER-SEE-KNEE)
Annette Tersigni RN (TER-SEE-KNEE)

The Nursing profession has reached a point of dangerous, critical stress.

Our growing YogaNurse Army offer solutions for nurses, nursing and health care organizations.

I’m positively thrilled you are interested in learning more about YogaNursing.

I get numerous emails from nurses every week with questions about how I did it, how it works and how they can integrate YogaNursing into their lives.


YogaNurse® is a pioneer and leader in the field of holistic nursing.

The YogaNurse model of care is aligned with Watson’s Human Caring Nursing Theory, Holistic Medicine, and Yoga Therapy.

As an accredited provider of continuing education for nurses, we are at the forefront of developing and delivering a treatment plan offering safe, simple, proven techniques that anyone can do. This plan is immediately adaptable for practitioners to use for themselves, their patients, or in the vast corporate health care workplace.

YogaNursing supports the integration of mind-body-spirit and traditional medicine with Western Nursing. YogaNursing doesn’t advocate the use of alternative and/or complementary medicine as a substitute for conventional nursing. We support the conscious, careful, consideration of research and benefits of yoga therapy + nursing as a modality to relieve stress, anxiety, pain and suffering. Where appropriate, we integrate these two treatment modalities to create peace, health and wisdom.

Frequently Asked Questions
Most of your Questions will be Answered Here

What is YogaNursing and the YogaNurse Model of Care?

YogaNursing and the YogaNurse Model of Care is a revolutionary holistic nursing model of care. brand, and movement in health care, nursing and yoga-founded and created by Annette Tersigni, RN, stress relief, back safety expert and medical yoga therapist. YogaNursing unites the ancient wisdom of yoga with the modern science of nursing. Its mission is to train and create a global army of modern nightingales, (and nightinguys) YogaNurses, who will learn and teach the YogaNursing Sacred Remedy— in order to enlighten the ailing health care system and relieve stress, anxiety, pain and suffering for both nurses and their patients.

What prompted you to create this field?

I took a training in Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, in the mid 1990’s with the brilliant Deepak Chopra and David Simon Mds.  At that time I was a full time yoga teacher and they inspired me. I thought “Wow! If I became a nurse as well as being a yoga teacher, I could really make a difference in the quality of people’s lives.” Once, while I was still in nursing school teaching a yoga class, one of my students called me the yoga nurse!  That‘s when the YogaNurse and the field of YogaNursing was officially created.

A few months before I graduated from nursing, I met Dr. Jean Watson, distinguished nurse creator of the Watson Caring Theory. Her experiential program  burst my heart open with a shining confirmation that my vision for YogaNursing was perfectly aligned with her own theory and practice.  With inspiration from Deepak Chopra and Jean Watson,  It became crystal clear that there was a natural fit between traditional western based nursing knowledge and the ancient eastern science of yoga.

The marriage of therapeutic yoga and nursing offers people the best of both worlds and insures the greatest success in their healing. I am training nurses who want to be leaders in this new movement, and want to diversify their careers, give sacred service and make a difference.

What made you switch careers from the Hollywood high life to YogaNursing?

I believe it was destiny.  Everything we do in life prepares us for our ultimate role or service. Although I was one of the fortunate ones to make a living in show biz, I felt increasingly empty in my heart and soul and my life took a radical turn. I decided to “leave the business before it left me” and ultimately dedicate my life to caring for others.  Hollywood gave me a terrific training ground for my final role as the Yoga Nurse!

How does therapeutic yoga help people with grave illness?

Therapeutic yoga improves the function of the nervous and immune systems, increases function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, decreases chronic pain, anxiety, depression and so much more. We have cared for numerous patients with cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, anxiety and depression to name a few grave illnesses. We have witnessed exciting and often dramatic improvements AND I have an ongoing abundance of raving testimonials; in addition there is now an abundance of clinical evidence provided from a growing data base on the benefits of therapeutic yoga to improve quality of life available. Search evidence based practice benefits of yoga..

How can YogaNursing help to alleviate work place stress?

Work related stress, anxiety and depression costs American businesses billions of dollars. YogaNursing helps to decrease work-related stress which leads to improved morale, productivity, decreased absentee-ism, less employee turnover and fewer work place accidents.

How can I get started in YogaNursing? Can I do this too?

AHH. So glad you asked. That’s exactly what we share in our live trainings and online eCoURSE trainings.


#1. INTRO LEVEL: The YogaNursing Essentials eCourse OR a live training with one of our CYN – Certified YogaNurse® facilitators.

#2. CERTIFICATION: Apply to become a CYN-Certified YogaNurse® after completion of intro level. 

START with our intro level by getting the ‘ YogaNurse Essentials eCourse. CLICK ME. 

How can I become a CERTIFIED YOGANURSE®? Where can I get work?

Step #1. You have to take a LIVE training with me or purchase The YogaNursing Essentials FIRST. (Again, all on my website under trainings.) After you have done one of the above, you send in an application, on the CERTIFED YOGANURSE page on this website.

We set up a 30 minute interview to see if you are a good fit and it feels mutually beneficial.


To ensure the quality and consistency of our work, and to maintain the fidelity of our research, only Licensed and Certified YogaNurses are authorized to teach our official trademarked YogaNurse® program, and call yourself a Certified YogaNurse® – CYN.


Some of the bountiful benefits of becoming a certified YogaNurse are the endless possibilities for teaching. Many of our grads work with private clients one on one at home or in an office, at hospitals and businesses in the gigantic, in demand and lucrative workplace wellness market place, community wellness centers and at locations with other holistic practitioners. Other Nurses create alliances with yoga studios, YMCAs, schools, universities, colleges, for continuing education for staff and students, seniors centers, assisted living facilities, churches and synagogues, and in government, i.e. the VA. . Others become coveted speakers for local and national nursing organizations and conventions.


Big Business and hospitals are actively hiring RN Wellness Coaches


Hospitals and companies worldwide are drowning in rising healthcare costs, because of chronic illness, stress, accidents, absenteeism and burnout! As a result, they are losing money…and they are looking for solutions. YOU genius nurse that you are, provide the solution with our signature YogaNurse care plan as a CYN- Certified YogaNurse®.

Are the trainings you give in person, for example at the Kripalu Yoga Center, a certification in YogaNursing?

NO. The live trainings we give at various locations are an INTRO level training. It is a pre-requisite to becoming a Certified YogaNurse® OR, you can take our digital, home study training called ‘YogaNursing Essentials’. Once you have completed our training live in person, OR  taken ‘The YogaNursing Essentials”online eCourse, you can apply for certification. ONLY certification authorizes you to use the proprietary trademark and logos, and call yourself a CYN, Certified YogaNurse®.

Can I teach the YogaNursing Essentials even if I am not a Certified YogaNurse®?

THIS IS A COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION. You can teach the ‘YogaNursing Essentials’ and I encourage you to do so. You understand per legal guidelines you can teach the YogaNursing Essentials but you are NOT PERMITTED to market/call yourself a YogaNurse®- unless you become a CYN- Certified YogaNurse®. ***

So when you market or teach, consider describing yourself as one or more of the following: fitness nurse, wellness nurse, nurse wellness educator, RN wellness specialist, holistic nurse educator, RN-stress relief educator, holistic lifestyle RN…hundreds of nurses ( who are not who have taken the YN Essentials and joined the www.yoganurseacademy.com have used these terms successfully and are teaching the YN Sacred Remedy and proprietary program with integrity in the work place.

You may state on your resume you have taken a training in YogaNursing.

***However, You are NOT permitted to call yourself a YogaNurse®, or a Certified YogaNurse® CYN; you may NOT use any trademarked logos or YogaNurse® images which is strictly prohibited, unless you take our certification training. If you want to get certified, STEP #1 is take the Essentials home study program OR attend one of our live trainings on site- THEN, if you fall in love with YogaNursing, you can apply for certification. Here> http://yoganurse.com/yoga-nursing-certification-program/
We know the YN Essentials will offer you massive value and inspiration and our focus in our simple seated yoga protocol is absolutely for nurses. We are the only training in the world which focuses solely on nurses utilizing yoga as therapy.

YogaNursing is focused on application as an adjunct therapy in patient care, NOT a traditional yoga class where folks get on the floor. We have also found that many of the advanced chair yoga programs are far too difficult for many clients. The YN Essentials are proven, easy and anyone can do them:)

Is YogaNurse recognized by National Nursing Associations? Nurse Leaders?

Our programs offer NCEs. (nursing continuing ed credits.) In addition, nursing leaders such as Barbara Dossey and Jean Watson support our mission. In addition, ‘Watson Caring Science Institute’ endorses our programs. Dr. Kathleen Sitzman, is on our BOARD OF ADVISORS.

You want to teach YogaNursing Stress Relief programs to your organization, and are not sure how to approach the decision makers.

All of this is covered in my trainings, online or in person. You will learn exactly what HR wants to hear and how to get a yes and get paid very well for offering stress relief to their employees. See TRAINING tab.

Truly hope this helps you to get clearer on how we can help. I created all of my trainings in order to expand your nursing career horizons and really make a difference in healthcare + create a life you love.

You want to talk to me on the phone to learn more.

I am no longer available for 1 x1 consultations due to the enormous volume of emails requesting personal advice. Again, this is why we have created our eCourses and in person trainings-to give you the answers- all available on this website. If you do have questions, we’re here for you. Simply write to support@yoganurse.com and we’ll get back to you.

You want to hire me or one of our CYNs ( as a speaker/presenter, trainer for continuing ed at your nursing college, symposium/convention/retreat.

Love it! We can offer you a variety of programs customized to your needs. We can set up a complementary consult re dates, availability, fees etc. Find out more by clicking on the SPEAKING tab on this website.

Where to Start?

Join the Yoganurse Academy and enroll for the Yoganursing Essentials eCourse!


Watch this Short Video

Explore this website to discover more on trainings, working with me or one of my Certified YogaNurses or hiring for one of your events.

In loving service,
Annette Tersigni RN
Founder of YogaNursing®


  1. Hi,

    I am an oncology masters prepared RN in Houston. I work in a very busy cancer center in Texas and am very interested in yoga and incorporating my nursing training into yoga. It sounds like you have an online essentials course I could take prior to your certification for yoganurse. Is this correct? I am not yet a certified yoga instructor but am interested in obtaining my certification.

    If so, how do I sign up for the essentials course and could you provide me with more information.

    Thank you.

    Hilary Amburgey MS, RN, OCN

  2. Hi there,

    OB nurse that is EXTREMELY interested in Yoga Nursing. Not a yoga instructor and don’t know what to look for for that particular certification, ie, which type of yoga is best etc.

    Looking forward to starting the program!!!

    Bev RNC-OB, EFM

    1. Dear Beverly,

      As an OB nurse, you have tremendous possibilities to POSITION yourself as an expert. Yes, you are an expert. You know your stuff. As for yoga teacher training, I suggest you begin in your own back yard. Research yoga studios who are offering certification. Our focus is on gentle, medical, restorative, rehabilitative yoga as therapy- AND the YogaNursing leadership is preparing to offer our own YTT, Yoga Teacher Training in the future…so stay tuned. Hope you have signed up for my newsletter to get updates, or if you’re on FB connect on my FB page-https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoga-Nurse-Medical-Yoga-Therapy-and-Stress-Relief/173779465990310

      In the meantime, begin with our basic intro training, you can take a home study ecourse or join us for a live training. All available on this website. If you have any questions DO reach out to us via our contact page.

      Warm regards + gratitude,

  3. Hello,
    I am an RN working my first year out of school. I am very interested in learning ways to practice holistic nursing care. I would love to eventually become a certified yoga nurse. I was wondering how beneficial it would be to take the essentials course. Is this something hospitals are looking for? Also, what kind of positions are available for yoga nurses?

    Thanks for your time!

  4. Hi

    I’m an emergency nurse, looking to expand my nursing horizons. I am based in Australia and would like to know if you have any existing programmes yoga nurses or contacts here, and whether you feel this course would benefit me in career


    1. Hello Sharon and Hello Australia!

      Yes, we have one active nurse from Australia in our community. She invested in the YogaNursing Essentials – go here- http://www.yoganurseacademy.com and has a website. You can reach out to her. You would certainly benefit and more important your nursing colleagues and patients in your community would benefit from bringing YogaNursing® to your area. Her is the website for contacting our Awesome Aussie Nurse. Her name is Silke-http://www.thepeacefulheart.com.au If you have other questions – reach out to us at support@yoganurse.com xoxommm

  5. Hi, I am a currently nursing student and I’ll be graduating with my LVN in less than 5 months and planning on continuing to receive my RN degree. I found this site and I am extremely interested in being a part of this movement. What are your specific responsibilities as a CYN? What kind of nurses do you see best fit to help introduce this movement? I appreciate your time, thank you.

    Kelsey Riehl

    1. Hi Kelsey,

      Congrats on following your nursing calling. Having a love for yoga, and for bringing the YogaNurse yoga therapy model of care into the health care system, as an adjunct therapy to treat and prevent chronic disease, is the heart of our movement. Being a CYN is a step by step process. First is to take the YN Essentials eCourse, or one our live trainings, ( all on the website0. Then if you fall in love with the teachings, applying to be a CYN is the next step. A strong sense of presenting our teachings with integrity in your community is the primary responsibility of a CYN, and making a difference in the quality of life in your professional colleagues and improving patient care are the objectives. Relieving stress, anxiety, pain and suffering and creating health, peace and wisdom! Hope you join our tribe if it’s meant to be.

  6. I’m currently an Lvn and taught some yoga classes here and there, I plan to get my yoga teacher certification eventually…however can LVNs get certified too?

    1. Breanna, Thanks for your post. YES. We accept LVNs on a case by case basis, although RN is our standard. So once you have completed the pre-requisites, you can send in an application and we will set up a brief phone chat with you to answer all of your questions and see if it feels like a wonderful, good fit for both of us. xo