Five Inspirational Quotes for Nurse Entrepreneurs

Happened on these little gems from a fab, new nurse entrepreneur. on the block.

My passion is Nursing, Yoga, Enlightenment and Entrepreneurship. These 5 hit home for me big time.

1.“During the day, I dress up like an entrepreneur.”

2.“Don’t work for the man, be the man…or the woman.”

3.“Entrepreneur, you are the hand that feeds you.”

4.“Follow the passion, not the money.”

5.“Follow your dreams, B.Y.O.B. Be your own boss.”

I Hope this serves you, made you smile, and think, and most important act on your passion.

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  1. Love #4 – it’s the most important in any field but especially for nursing. A nurse must really love her job to deal with everything on a daily basis. Love your tee’s!

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