Get Slim, Get Educated, Get Conscious, Get Serving- The Keys to Long Life


Been inspired today

on the pristine Outer Banks of North Carolina learning about people who live to be over 100 and their words of wisdom. Here is the bottom line with my YogaNurse spin on it.


Get Slim

Life Extension is one of my specialties in YogaNursing. Hmm…and as a yogini.( female who practices yoga vs yogi, a male who practices.) There are plenty of definitive studies that give evidence that slimmer, thinner is healthier AND thinner lives longer. Just what our obesity epidemic does not want to hear. I sympathize, cuz I’m also under this pressure because we have sooo many temptations– a heavenly banquet of ever more delightfully delish, amazing, tempting foods that have created-

Gluttony. Once upon a time this was one of the seven deadly sins.


Get Educated

Get it in school, college, university, on the streets, from your parents, friends, mentors, workshops, seminars, retreats, get aways….but get it! Stimulate the neurons in your mind to reproduce and rejuvenate.Once upon a time again, it was thought that brain cells-neurons could not be regenerated. BS! Fantastic to learn that stoke victims can stimulate the challenged side of the brain to stoke the brain to healing and regeneration.  Basically the principle is to work the weaker side vs the stronger side. I always work my clients brains in my YogaNursing therapy.

Neuro-plasticity y’all.


Get Conscious

Means to awaken, to be conscious vs snore, be asleep. Unconscious. Means you think you know until you realize you don’t know S#*T..and are delighted, yes delighted to admit it. “I now know that I don”t know….“.  Translation, the person is now ready to learn. Yeah. A kinda spiritual epiphany, a heart opening, a tremendous wave of excitement. Now ANYTHING is possible, and uplifting from this place of beginners mind, ground zero, also known as the field of infinite possibilities (as my teacher Deepak Chopra taught me long ago b4 he was famous) the source, the force, the God/Goddess head, great spirit, holy spirit and so on and such.

ALL names lead to the nameless


Get Serving

I know, I know, YOU want to be served. Hmmm? Admit it, we all do. And part of getting slim, educated and conscious is that we do not carry all that extra weight that makes us heavy and slothful, tamasic. We learn and study and understand WHY being slim with education will help us to get what we want by helping others to get what they want. Truth. And it shall set you free from pain and suffering.

The question is not  “What’s in it for me?”  but “How can I serve?” MAKE IT YOUR MANTRA.

I Shared that with many young college students who I taught yoga to, who were miserable and that  line alone changed their relationships with everyone and everything. And when it comes to pass that you find your UNIQUE WAY TO SERVE no matter as a waitress, a teller, a doctor, nurse, a yoga teacher, a care giver, mom, writer, teacher, techie, Indian chief…and you are fully Conscious of THAT, then you will have the keys to the kingdom of long lifeand eternal life. Who could ask for anything more?

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