Why Going to the Roots of Your Problems Only Gives Them Strength

This enlightening story is about a time when I was in South India, in a remote holy village called Tiruvannamalai, where my wisdom teacher, Hugo, dropped a “bomb” which exploded in my mystical heart! I hope it illuminates you.

Hugo received masses of correspondence from students asking for guidance, from all over the world. On this late afternoon, with peacocks nearby singing their love songs, and the fragrance of exotic flowers wafting thru the open windows of our cozy teaching room, Hugo unfolded a letter. The letter was from an African American woman named Joy. Joy was in her thirties, well educated, and had been suffering from a childhood trauma that was unresolved.

There IS an important place for psychology- psychiatry, some of my best friends are in the field; however, they bring the soul, the spirit, the being into their treatment- known as psycho-spirituality


Joy had consulted with a slew of expert psychologists/psychiatrists over many years, and she was also a student of Hugo’s teachings. Hugo read a few lines from her letter to the group.( I should add here that Hugo did not disclose anything personal to us as a matter of protecting confidentiality, he shared only that part which was pertinent to the lesson he was about to teach us.)


Joy wrote, “ I have found a new psychologist in Boston to help me deal with my story and I feel very hopeful. We are going to the roots of my problem.” Hugo took off his glasses, paused pointedly, and gazed out at us with his piercing blue eyes. The energy changed palpably in the room and we all shuffled a little in our seats. We waited with bated breath knowing that something heavy was about to be emitted. This is what he said…


“Going to the roots of your problems only augments them,

It gives them strength,

Going to the roots of your being,

Liberates from all problems whatsoever.”


Bulls eye.


I have shared this with thousands of my students, and now I am blogging it. I encourage you to breathe deeply into this wisdom. Go back and re-read it. Pause. Close your eyes for a moment and let it sink in to your being. Do NOT let it go to your head! Allow it; invite it into your mystical heart. It is a vital part of your awakening and freedom from endless *S.A.P.S. Stress, anxiety, pain and suffering.

Blissings xo


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  1. Thanks, great story and formulation of a crucially important idea. As we focus on weak/damaged areas we can reinforce them and give them burgeoning power over our identities and lives. When we instead focus on our identity, our strengths and values, when reinforce them and build ourselves, lessening the import of the weak/damaged areas both by neglect and by becoming larger peersons as they do not grow.

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