7 ways nurses benefit from yoga teacher training even if they never teach

As a nurse interested in yoga, during this anxious time of social isolation, you may be wondering about your future life and career options. 

Have you ever considered taking a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)? You might be under the impression that the only reason to take a YTT is to teach yoga classes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact YTT is wonderfully impactful in enhancing your health and expanding your income and career opportunities.

Back in 1993, I took a yoga teacher training for my own personal development because I was suffering. I never thought I would teach yoga in the traditional sense. As it turned out, taking a YTT led me to my destiny to become the founder of YogaNursing and the YogaNurse Model of Care. 

With YTT, your career opportunities magnify magnificently when combined with your nursing skills. 

If you are interested in integrating yoga with your nursing practice then you’ll be excited to know our YogaNurse® Yoga Teacher Training (YNYTT) is launching soon – a nurse curriculum therapeutic yoga teacher training specifically catering to your unique needs as a nurse. You can study at home, online, at your own pace. 

Here’s how yoga teacher training (YTT) could be beneficial to nurses even if they have no interest in teaching yoga classes.

1. You will understand yoga more intimately and deepen your practice.

It can deepen your understanding of the anatomy, breath work, philosophies, principles and reasoning behind the practice of yoga, this will in turn heighten your awareness of WHY and WHEN to do certain postures. Expanding your knowledge will help you fall in love with yoga as you feel true joy in discovering the wonderful wisdom behind it.

2. You will learn what to look for and how to adapt poses to suit specific conditions for yourself and others.

Taking ordinary yoga classes rarely explores the depths of what you should be looking for, example: how to adjust poses for various individuals and health conditions. YTT can help you identify your habits, physical capabilities and innermost needs and you will become proficient at identifying the specific needs of others. 

With YogaNurse® Yoga Teacher Training (YNYTT), we go even further into teaching you how to adapt and navigate the complexities of medical conditions and show you how to safely integrate yoga into your nursing practice without risking injuries. 

3. You can get ahead of the curve as the world gets ready to take a more holistic approach in nursing.

The medical world is awakening to the benefits of therapeutic yoga in healthcare and by taking a YTT, you can be ahead of the learning curve. With YogaNurse® Yoga Teacher Training (YNYTT) in particular, you will be PART of the movement that brings consciousness into healthcare as the program is focused on integrating yoga in a medical setting. 

This might be an ancient hindu practice but it will NEVER get old. The knowledge you gain will ALWAYS be relevant…even if you’re a cat.

4. Enjoy better mental health for yourself and others.

If you want to alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Suffering or SAPS as we call it in the Yoganurse® Essentials, a deeper understanding of yoga will broaden your ability to assist those with varying levels of mental trauma. YNYTT focuses on the delicate nature of mental health issues nurses might encounter in their work environment (for themselves, their colleagues and their patients).

5. You can find friendship with like-minded people.

We are the loneliest generation of humans in history. Many people take Yoga Teacher Training because it allows them to connect with like-minded people. 

YNYTT will help you connect specifically with like-minded nurses with the common goal of improving the nursing profession and expanding consciousness in healthcare while truly understanding the unique challenges you face as a nurse.

6. You will experience a deeper transformation in your life and health.

You will find that as you deepen your yoga practice and educate yourself on the underlying principles of yoga, your life will transform and your body will sing with joy. Yoga Teacher Training can broaden your mind, expand your thinking, and guide you through your journey toward your higher self and a healthier you. These visible changes will be an ever-giving gift of love to yourself and to others. 

7. You can integrate it into nursing education and transform nursing from the ground up or integrate it into workplace wellness programs and a variety of other fields.

A YTT will help you integrate therapeutic yoga principles into a variety of settings including workplace wellness and in education curriculums and create an additional income stream.

Research + Prevention: YNYTT in particular focuses on the latest research-based yoga practices that promote healing while preventing injuries for an extensive variety of patient populations, health conditions, colleagues, workplace wellness markets and in the curriculum of continuing nursing education

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More about YNYTT:

If you are interested in a NURSE curriculum YTT – then watch this space as we will soon announce the launch of the Yoganurse® Yoga Teacher Training – Curated, Condensed, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Exclusively for Nurses. Also check out our Essentials Program as a wonderful introduction to the core principles of being a YogaNurse: https://yoganurseacademy.com/the-yoganursing-essentials-training/.

Stay Home & Study Yoga

Annette Tersigni & Team Yoganurse

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  1. I am a long time nurse and have just started YTT training. Would you be willing to share the list of books you do the science based learning of your teaching? Considerations: for example, If someone has Heart disease or high blood pressure. Do you have a specific book that connects the patho and moves together?

  2. HI, Our team has reached out to you and send you an email with the info you asked for. We’re sure it will be of value to you.
    Also consider our own nurse specific training to add to your future knowledge base. WE speak nursing AND yoga. Namaste.Should you be interested in adding to your training in the future, we would love for you to become part of our YogaNurse family. click here for more.

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