I Don’t Have Time…is Bull

What are you searching for? Something about time?

What really brought you to LAND ON THIS page? Hmmm.

Probably not what you think. You are here for a reason. DESTINY.

It’s time to consider Meditating on this…and actually consider a meditation practice- to get clear on what you are really searching for. Saying you don’t have time to meditate …is Bull. We make time to surf the internet, watch videos and TV over multiple freaking hours so…


Here are the TOP 4 reasons to Meditate.

1. Enlightenment: This is the ultimate purpose of meditation. To help you to realize your True Self is simply Divine darling.

2. Peace, Love & Serenity: When you meditate your mind flows like fresh, clean water. The monkey mind which jumps always from one thing to the next, settles down and finds some suhweet peace…instead of falling to pieces, it falls in love. Yeah baby!

3. Wisdom: Meditation opens up the doors to infinite knowledge that flows into your awareness, so you become more…aware– awake instead of being asleep in a coma of ignorance. Your Divine Self overrides the small limited self, and you connect with your inner Yoda– to the Source. May the Source Be With You 🙂

4. Stress Reduction & Fabulous Health: This goes hand in hand. As meditation teaches you the art of living in the present moment, anxiety and worry fade more and more into the background. The body feels and heals overwhelm plus prevents disease by wiping out toxic stress. Happy happy, Joy joy.

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  1. Funny how it is that I find myself here. Through a Google search looking for a photo to use in a blog post, I found yours, titled, “Making sense of time.”
    This is the thought that started this entire process, it came to me yesterday: “Everything takes time, and eventually, time takes everything.”

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