International Yoga Day with a Tibetan Nurse Super Hero


It is time to celebrate International Yoga Day!

My love for yoga goes back over 50 years and I cannot imagine where my life would be without it. It was so good that I created an entire career out of it. The most gratifying part of being the founder of the YogaNurse movement is the joy of meeting, teaching and learning from other like-minded nurses who are creating positive transformations in their lives and in the lives of their patients. 

Due to covid-19, I’ll be celebrating yoga day at home. You may be working but one thing I love about yoga – you can literally do it anywhere:

Pictured above is conscious caring Tibetan nurse,  Yewang Wa aka Yeshi, super hero, star student in our flagship training “Yoganurse Yoga Teacher Training”. She is currently working in Ireland and recently shared her heartfelt story with us.

Yeshi goes into detail about how she’s coping with the challenges of nursing covid patients: 

“To keep myself fit and maintain a strong immune system, I have followed a strict daily routine, doing recitations of the scriptures that I follow as in the belief system of my community. I also wear a Buddha pendulum around my neck to feel protected and blessed. It might sound absurd, but these small belief systems sometimes work miraculously in times of distress and pain, a rare psychological comfort you receive. Yoga, meditation and daily exercises were my main source of life force. Around 5 minutes of meditation on compassion in the morning and before bed and an hour or two of yoga everyday fuels my body with positive energy, making me feel active and capable of anything.”

RN Yewang Wa
RN Yewang Wa took Yoga Teacher Training in India, birthplace of yoga, where she grew up.

As noted by Yeshi, it’s important to create a yoga routine that is yours and it can get you through the most trying times. 

“When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”

Since covid-19 has reduced our ability to be around crowds, the theme for this year’s yoga day is “yoga at home and with family” – without leaving the comfort of your home, you can take a refreshing journey within.

Although I love a good session on my yoga mat, I want to remind you again that yoga can happen anywhere. Yoga begins right where you are, at any time you like. Even while reading this post! There’s no friction between you and your love for yoga. It comes with ease, always.

Start now. Doing anything with mindfulness is doing yoga:

Soften between the brows.
Relax your eyes and forehead.
Release the tension in your jaw.
Drop your shoulders.
Relax your hands.
Notice your posture.
Become aware of your breath.
Take a deep breath into your belly x 3 with a sloooow exhale…

Add in affirmations of self-acceptance and kindness:

I am enough. 
I am calm.
I am strong.
I am loved.
I am blessed.
I am worthy.

Feel free to share a story, pic or vid on our facebook page telling us how you celebrate yoga day. 

Have a Blissful Yoga Day

Annette Tersigni and Team Yoganurse.

P.S. Be sure to click here now to see fantastic pics and read more about Yeshi.

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