Kate Loving Shenk’s Prayer Prescription for Health

It is my pleasure to introduce and feature Kate Loving Shenk RN on my blog today.

Kate was the FIRST nurse entrepreneur I found on the world wide internet. She inspired me to get my own website and go for my own vision and mission which is of course Yoga Nursing.

Kate is a wonderful writer. Let me hand over the virtual microphone to her now and let her share her good news for all and certainly all nurses. Enjoy!

Today is day 20 of the Virtual Book Tour for my upcoming book: ” Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health.”

I am so happy to celebrate this event with Annette Tersigni RN, aka Yoga Nurse.

What is a Prayer Prescription? In the medical field, we see so many cases where medicine is prescribed and the side effects of these interventions cause problems that far outweigh the symptoms of the original diagnosis.

At the heart of a Prayer Prescription is the miraculous reality of everyday life, where the ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary because we call on Unseen Powers and Forces through the power of prayer.

Prayer is a Universal Language and each person expresses her prayer through the lens of personal experience. No one religion can claim to have a monopoly on prayer.

You are what you eat, you are what you think, and you are the prayer that runs through all of life in a spirit of Love.

Embrace it because it is a true expression of what we are all capable of.


I’d like you to stop by my author blog. There’s a lot going on there and we’ll have an opportunity to connect there. Please be sure to introduce yourself!


Kate has been a practicing RN/CRNP for 28 years, and currently acts as a Labor And Delivery Nurse, which is very special, indeed.

Additionally, Kate is planning further “Prayer Prescriptions” books surrounding aging gracefully and Prayer Prescriptions For The Love Of Our Companion Animals. How LOVELY!

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You go Kate. Love Annette. xo

Annette Tersigni RN— the Yoga Nurse, is a healer, trainer, speaker, and author of the #1 inspirational best seller, “The Richest Woman In Babylon And Manhattan”, Golden Wealth Care + Self Care to replenish your purse and your soul.

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  1. Thank You Annette for sharing Kate Loving Shenks’s video blog. It is so refreshing to witness the admiration for fellow RN’s. Another blessing indeed. Sharing the light makes us all shine a bit more in our hearts. Lizzie, RN

  2. Annette, thank you for featuring Prayer Prescriptions Virtual Book Tour here , today. I am honored! A prayer prescription is designed to contribute to your spiritual health, which in turn sooths the physical condition!! Nurse Entrepreneur’s Rock!!

  3. Hello fellow nurses and Prayer Friends-The beauty of Prayer Prescriptions is that it speaks to our Spiritual Health, without which, we have nothing!!

    What is your Prayer Prescription, today?

  4. Thank you Annette for hosting Kate today for her Virtual Book Tour. Watching this video, I finally understand what prayer prescriptions are–using the moments we experience daily as prayer. I love it! Thought it was so much more complicated! And so glad it’s not…

  5. The true words I have heard so often you are what you eat but when you link them with what you think and the prayer that runs through your life in a Spirit of Love…. they become a powerful combination. thanks Kate

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