Even Cancer Wants to Be Loved

The Lesson of Surrendering to What Is.

According to the deepest Yoga teachings, there is only one creator. In facto only ONE author–. This one author plays all the parts, writes all the lines we speak, and is the one who is writing this post 😉

According to ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, cancer is composed of renegade cells that have forgotten their purpose. Their dharma– in yoga speak. These cells are acting out and are control freaks.

(thanks to Dr’s. Deepak Chopra & David Simon who taught me this when I studied Ayurveda with them in 1996.)

Cancer cells are f#@ked up, terrified of being annihilated. That is why, yes, these cells too, seek a place to live. A home.

We all have cancer. Some of us have cells that act out. Others not.

What I know for sure is, I am up close and personal with beautiful cancer folks every week– in my YogaNursing® for cancer group. They live fully, these fabulous, gorgeous women, brave, enlightened women. They are my healers- the healing goes both ways.
As for the rest of us, a wake up call, ya’all. Again, according to the deep yoga stuff, called advaita vedanta, you are not the doer. GOD IS. God is playing out as you dear one, in this play called life.

Maybe playing out as cancer. Maybe not.

“BE still and Know that– you are being done.” Therefore, there is nothing to do, no one to be. Surrender Dorothy and be here now. No, it’s not easy. That’s why we practice meditation. The enlightening practice of BEING WITH WHAT IS = Liberation from fear.

Learn to meditate on your simply Dee-Vine, true Immortal Self Nature which is ever cancer free.

And if you have this so-called cancer…

Be with the cancer, embrace it, love it. Make love to the tumor. Even cancer wants to be loved…and not feared. Cancer cells yearn to remember their purpose- which is TO MAINTAIN THE WHOLE. But they have forgotten. Like we have forgotten- who we are.

Your love, united in remembrance of the Divine, may possibly create a ‘supernatural healing”, what medicine calls a spontaneous remission. If this is NOT to be…you certainly can attain inner peace.

Fear and love cannot co-exist. Choose love. Practice love. Learn from wisdom teachers who will point you back to that which we all seek– Peace and Love.

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