MAYDAY. A Loving Update From Oh Canada

I know it’s been a while. I wanted to check in with you and give you an update. Know l’m ever appreciative of you being here…fact is many have been getting this newsletter for 14 years!!


As our current Mayday chaos in the world unfolds, a pandemic prompted my soul to move my body to Montreal, Canada. I’ve temporarily (who knows maybe permanently) relocated here for the next 5 months from beautiful Beaufort, North Carolina. As a dual citizen, I can live in both Canada and the US, which is auspicious. I was in quarantine for two weeks, social distancing and sanitizing,  As of this writing l have a sound mind in a sound body. 

My son, family, close friends, and an unexpected new romance (after almost a decade of celibacy) are offering me caring, community here in Oh Canada. 

My heart whispered “Annette, it’s time to go home.

You know the old timey expression…

Home is where the heart is. 

I want to hear about what your heart is whispering to you at this moment?  

Do tell. Write to me. I’m listening.  

Quickie biz update. The YogaNurse model of care is alive and well. I’m coordinating our training from Montreal. Best part is our growing army of modern nightingales, YogaNurses, are continuing to share the Sacred Remedy around the world throughout the pandemic.

In mid October we will launch our first BETA virtual group of nurses who are taking Phase 2 of our YNYTT – YogaNurse Yoga Teacher Training (exclusively for nurses). We will open up for you to learn more soon, after we complete our first landmark training and get back evaluations. We’re continuing to make nursing and yoga history as we serve by expanding consciousness in health care, relieving stress, anxiety, pain and suffering. 

In the uncertain now, the best way I can serve your soul healing during this twilight-zone-like-so-called-reality — is through empowering thoughts with the practice of yoga, meditation and prayer. 

I’m praying for unity consciousness in the entire world. Yoga means union. There’s never been a more important time for union and unity consciousness and for the world to. Unite together for healing. 

We are community.

The practice of yoga will empower your body mind. 

The practice of meditation and prayer will empower your soul and imbue grace. 

Amazing grace. 

May your angels hover over you. May you be showered with some badass grace, peace and love. Right now. 

BONUS gift for you: My Book- “AS A WOMAN THINKETH”

Your thoughts have power. Every single one. 

To keep your body mind and immune system strong you want to read my book AS A WOMAN THINKETH for FREE. My gift to you. Click here now and empower yourself. 

Also do feel free to share and let me know if the book empowers you. 

Peace and love forever and a day!

Annette Tersigni

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