Money Wisdom for Girlpreneurs With Endless Desires

Here are some highlights from my sensational sesh with CEO Shannon Rice-Muruli on her “Think Tank Thursday Chats.”

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Q1. Annette, what was your relationship with money like in your twenties and thirties? What is it like now? What type of relationship do you feel most women have with money?

Annette says: Oh my! In my twenties, I desired everything; and on top of that, I was broke! In my thirties, I started to apply the lessons I learned from ancient Babylon, the topic of my book. I believe that most women are stressed out big time about money, and they have too many fleeting desires. Financial stress is the #1 anxiety for most women today, followed by worries about their weight. We have to get EXCITED about building a lasting treasure. We want to PAY ourselves first! Fatten your purse, and let THAT be your #1 desire.

Q2. We have fallen head over hills for your book, The Richest Woman in Babylon and Manhattan. What inspired you to write this book and who is it for?

Annette says: I love that you love it! I was inspired to write it when I was giving a talk on stress management to a group of women of all ages. When I learned that their major stress was money, I had this VISION. I remembered the lessons from my father and ancient stories from Babylon that I read about when I was in my thirties. These lessons helped me to build my independence, and I wanted others to be able to be helped by them too. As soon as it hit me, I got to writing. I wrote the book in 9 weeks. It was my destiny to be able to help women everywhere.

Q3. What do you desire most? Is it the instant gratification of endless desires each day, like facials, jewelry, chukkas, better clothing, fine dining at trendy restaurants; things quickly gone and forgotten? Or is it substantial holdings, like money, land, a profitable job, business or career, useful products and services, or investments that bring income?

The money you take from your purse brings the first. The money you leave in it will bring the latter! We loved this statement from your book!

Elaborate more on this if you will, Annette?

Annette says: Yes, the money we spend on those fab shoes, facials or other pleasures are fleeting. We get off on them in the moment…and then, all of a sudden, we want something else! We are always ADDICTED to wanting something more, something better, or something different! It never ends. What we leave in our purses is what is going to give us LASTING treasure, the INDEPENDENCE to become your own CEO. Invest in your career, in learning, in wisdom, and in your spirit. This is what is lasting, and this is what will lead to you becoming your own CEO.

Q4. So, Annette, share with us the difference between having a lean purse and fattened purse? Which purse keeps you enslaved to money?

Annette says: A lean purse is EMPTY. If you have $10, you spend 10, 12 or 20. Yikes! A fat purse KEEPS $1 in it for every $10 you earn. Under this logic, the purse soon becomes fat. You need make it your personal MANTRA that a portion of everything you earn is YOURS to KEEP. LET this be engraved in the software of your soul!

Q6. Since it seems like budgets deprive them of things they enjoy doing, several women/girls may not understand their purpose. How can we change that thinking so that they start establishing a budget to help fatten their purses? Especially younger women who are tempted to spend more because of instant gratification.

Annette says: The purpose is not deprivation; it is illumination and liberation from suffering from our many desires. You are allowed to “have your cake and eat it too” as long as you don’t touch the ONE tenth that you have put aside. The purpose of a budget is to help you to fatten your purse. Be wary of the media—their only desire is to get women to spend. In fact, 83% of ALL purchases are made by women.

That said, we (women) RULE the economy. That is why I wrote the book in a form that girls could relate to, and hopefully one that will wake up to their power to EMPOWER themselves and create something to offer that is lasting. As I always say in my book: “The truth is ALWAYS in fashion.” Let truth be your desire to get FREE of all the desires, and then—and only then—will you live a truly RICH life. Yes, we love money, but we have not learned the laws of money. It is important that women everywhere do so.

Make your moolah multiply! It’s time to put your gold to work. To do so, you need: 1. A savings account, even when the market sucks. 2. What do you LOVE to do? What STUFF do you know? Figure this out and make a career out of it. Sell your own products, or become an author, a speaker, a seminar leader, or a change agent, and find your niche. That way, you can make money while you sleep, travel or play.

Q8. We teach women/girls how to become better CEO’s of their personal corporations, and encourage them to LEARN more, to LEAD better, and to LAUNCH more successfully in their life, business or career. Can you share how vital it is for women/girls to increase their ability to learn and earn?

Annette says: Learn, lead, launch—that’s the formula. However, before accomplishment, there must be desire. Start with ONE thing, and own and learn it. Share it. Give service—it’s all about service. The real questions you need to ask are: “How do you want to serve? How do you want to make a difference?” Learn from experts you can trust; the more wisdom, the more wealth. I have invested in great mentors to learn how to do what I do. They were all farther along than me, then, and over the years, I learned AND earned. Girl power! WE are taking over medicine and law. The future is ours to have!

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Thank You Shannon Rice-Muruli for inviting me to be part of Girlpreneurs!

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