Ridiculously Easy Resolutions for Nurses

Let’s make some ‘ridiculously easy’ resolutions this year

Mostly, we make a list of all the ways we’re going to make our lives better.

And mostly, within a few days, weeks or months, the OLD HABITS take hold.
At least thats’s what happens to me. I now have THE SOLUTION!

The KEY to creating NEW HABITS- lay down NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS in your brain.

Make it RIDICULOUSLY EASY and you cannot fail. Trust me on this one.

Say you want to get more active, move more, burn some calories, SMILE MORE, or have more peace in your nursing mind by meditating.



*DO one super easy, super quick move at the same time every day. Like right after you brush your teeth, or while your coffee is brewing. EVERY DAY to create the new habit-pathways.

*THREE push ups- against the wall or against your kitchen counter. Or three squats, stretches, etc. Over time you will WANT TO do more automatically.

The secret is to ONLY do three. Asking yourself to do more may set you up to not do anything.

*FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND, HEART + SOUL. Try this ‘SMILING MIND meditation’ Do it right after you wake up while still in bed,
or at work when you you are ‘losing your mind’ 🙂

CLICK ON THE LINK to see this 38 sec video to inspire you- watch your mind smile.
Smiling mind screen shot

The key to success is to set yourself up to WIN with uber easy resolutions. Happy New Year!

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Thanks Jerome!

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  1. Annette,

    I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head with a need to have simple, easy, and routine resolutions.
    I also like your tip on choosing only 3. I’ve often heard the universe groups things in 3s.

    Sean wrote an article with similar simple tips for nurses to think about as potential resolutions. One of my very favorite is just the simple act of smiling more. Have you read it? http://bit.ly/19VgZtq

  2. Thanks Brittney and yes groups of three. A mystical number 🙂
    I also read Sean’s post. Smiling more, a great exercise. And listening. Huge.
    To success to all of us and all of our resolutions in this New Year!

  3. You are spot on Annette!
    Keep it simple…..Love the smile exercise. I encourage nurses who do telephone triage or patient teaching over the phone to keep a mirror on their desk. …and to to do periodic mirror checks….Are you smiling while speaking to this patient???
    Happy New Year and keep up your wonderful work….

  4. I LOVE this Annette. You are speaking the truth- too many equals not done at all. And thank you for the suggestion to do the same thing over and over at the same time of day. You’re right, once it becomes a routine it’s a habit and usually will not be broken (unless we then work to break that habit and replace it with another one, LOL). Wonderful post, thank you! Enjoy your health today, Elizabeth

  5. Thanks Annette for reminding me that I only have to do a routine 3 times.
    We normally get discouraged because we imagine we have to do 20 squats or 15 push-ups.
    I’ll remember to just start with three.
    Thanks for this tip.

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