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Yoga at Work
Yoga for Stress at Work

As an RN, I wear the hat of Wellness-Health Educator and offer workshops, seminars and retreats for business, corporations, and private groups on site. I speak to groups from all walks of life. I will and do travel to give inter-active and Light Hearted Stress Management Refreshers. I will work with you to design the length of program that suits you. Generally, break out sessions are 2-3 hours in length. Talks are around fifty minutes. You will be given short, easy, proven tips and non-intimidating techniques. My programs have a 16 year track record which are evidence based.

Yoga for work stress
Yoga at the Office

We know that Care Giver Depression, compassion fatigue and burn out is epidemic. It is my passion and mission to Uplift our medical heroes with gentle, heart felt, experiential teachings. Best of all, anyone can learn and apply these techniques and experience the abundant benefits immediately. You provide the mic and I will give you PAUSE, a break from overdoing and guide you home to peace and calm. My fees are based on location, number of participants and my half day minimum rate. Write me a few lines outlining your interest and focus group. Provide a phone number and I will call you back within about 72 hours and we can strategize further on how I can offer value to your organization.

Let’s talk, as a nurse *yogini ( *a woman who practices yoga) I am very flexible. Contact me.


Popular Program Topics:


*Find Peace Instead of Going to Pieces

*Back Care Basics for Nurses (or anyone)

*Emergency Stress Relief

*How To Enlighten Up

*Your Overdoing Is Your Undoing


A partial list of clients includes:


*Hewlett Packard

*Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

*W.G. Hefner VA Medical Center

*North and South Carolina Hospice

*The Delphi Corporation,

*Gowlings, La Fleur Henderson Law Firm

*Le Page Real Estate

* First Citizens Bank

* Carteret General Hospital

* Carteret County Schools

* Coastal Canvas Marine

* Raab Cancer Clinic

* Seneca College

*York University

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