Scary Facts About How Sitting Is Killing Your Bod

STAND UP, STAND UP. STAND UP FOR YOUR LIFE is more than a Reggae song. all be it a great one, an anthem.

OMG! Couch potatoes are at RISK as if you didn’t already know that 🙂
Try STANDING AT YOUR COMPUTER while you are writing your blogs, best seller, inspirations, tweeting, surfing etc. Check out these facts below to motivate you. Heck, add some Couch Potato Yoga to get you moving, smiling and then stand up and REALLY MOVE your tush. Who knows, you may even decide to take a walk. Hmmm?

Sitting Kills Infographic


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  1. I am on it! Let’s see now…how do u get off your butt again? Oh well, let me try that couch potato yoga to start. Lol. I traded being on my feet all day for sitting at my desk all day. My body did feel the difference hugely. Bought me an exercise machine to even things out.

  2. As a student of Annette’s yoga classes for the past two years, I will tell you what I feel it has helped me with. As a person with quite a few back and neck problems, I have come from being stiff and in pain a lot of the time, to hardly ever being in pain and much more flexible in my movements. Annette and yoga are a perfect match to help you feel and stay young, even if you are not so young in years! Thank you, Annette, for helping me to keep moving and not sitting on my bottom!

    1. thanks dear, dear Mary. you have truly transformed and grown younger since your commitment to the yoga nursing classes. absolutely delighted to hear your GOOD NEWS. hardly ever being in pain. wow! that is as good as it gets. blissings and joy.xoxo

  3. Yes sitting is a problem but remember flying is WORSE.
    Try to sit in the aisle. Do get up and go to potty. Standing and waiting in line is better than sitting in your chair.
    I ask my patients to carry tea bags for the dry air/nose problem, and drink lots of tea. But a side effect is that they need potty more often.
    Do leg movements while seated too.

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