Find Peace Instead of Going to Pieces!

Find Peace Instead of Going to Pieces!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you must have seen some of the recent news about the health benefits of yoga and meditation.  I work closely with many doctors and nurses on The Crystal Coast of N.C.  Many know me as, “The Yoga Nurse,” and although most have never tried yoga or meditation, they are open, interested, and refer patients to me.  I pass many nurses in the halls of my local hospital and…

“Where are the Nurses? Who Cares?…Really.”

To the President of the United States from the YogaNurse: Dear Mr. President, May I be so bold to tell you in my not-so humble opinion the answer to your question, “Where are the nurses?”  Elementary dear Watson.  Nobody wants the job.  Why not? because … “This Job is Killing Me.” As an advocate for nurses, I currently teach meditation, natural stress relief techniques and medical yoga to nurses and nursing organizations through out the country…

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