Tersigni & Tersigni. Yoga runs in the family PLUS a special gift.


I AM grateful.

I AM blessed.

I AM the proudest aunt of my lovely niece Rachelle Tersigni. 

Wise beyond her years, Rachelle is the founder of Radiant Wellness Club – a program designed to awaken radiance for women who want to live in a place of freedom from within by harmonizing 5 levels of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. 

Her transformative program has touched the lives of many busy, intelligent women who are bursting with creative ideas but struggling to find the time to actualize. Her program can help free you from blocked energy patterns, thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from experiencing and living your radiance. 

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Rachelle as a guest on one of her podcasts where we shared our love for yoga, and chatted about illuminating wellness techniques to:

  • reduce fear-based thinking plus 
  • highlight 3 ways to cope when you’re in desperate straits. 

These methods will help you to wake up and heal on a cellular and soul level. 

Tersign & Tersigni, the adventures of two generations of yoga – podcast:

Please give it a listen and follow along with the I AM meditation technique. 

Your special gift – a BRILLIANT hypnosis session to ease fear of the unknown:

If you’re  struck by fear, worry, anxiety or you’re feeling overwhelmed by future decisions and unknowns, please do try Rachelle’s BRILLIANT hypnosis session. 

Awaken your radiance:

For more info about Rachelle’s Radiant Wellness Club Program, visit her website here: https://radiantwellnessclub.com/

Love, Light & Radiance,

Annette & Rachelle Tersigni 

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