The Balanced Nurse – Who Wants To Be A Yoganurse?

An INTIMATE INTERVIEW with The Balanced Nurse. Written by eileen spillane

How long have you been a nurse and what areas of nursing did you or do you currently work in?

I graduated from nursing late in life at the ripe young age of 51. That translates into thirteen lucky years of practice. I started in the heart transplant unit at a major hospital and transitioned into Cardiac step down progressive care, then into Employee Health and Wellness where I still work on a PRN basis at my local hospital at the beach.

Nursing is a second career for you. What prompted you to go to nursing school?

I believe in destiny. Nursing was a calling. I took a training in Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, in the mid 1990’s with the brilliant Deepak Chopra. At that time I was a full time yoga teacher and Deepak inspired me. I thought “Wow! If I became a nurse as well as being a yoga teacher, I could really make a difference in the quality of people’s lives.” Once, while I was still in nursing school, teaching a yoga class, one of my students called me the yoga nurse! That‘s when the Yoga Nurse and the field of Yoga Nursing was officially created. When I graduated it became crystal clear that there was a natural fit between traditional western based nursing knowledge and the ancient eastern science of yoga.


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