We Want to Be Worshiped Like Lady Gaga

no judgement, no blame, it is as it is…

Worship me: who me?…NOT me you may say but and many of us do secretly desire to be worshiped. We wish to be gods and goddesses unto ourselves like the movie stars, singers, rock stars and athletes who are the role models in our culture., the gods and goddesses of our time.We want all of the people in our lives to bow down to our ‘greatness’.

Once when I was in India with an enlightened teacher, a down home woman from Alabama, a saint really, who pushed all of my buttons; we talked about American culture. She talked about how we want to be worshiped.  She blew my mind and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

we want to be gods and goddesses

we want to be American idols

we want to be worshiped like Lady Gaga

everybody wants their OWN show…on Oprah

we want tons of fans on twitter and facebook

we want more, better, different

we want we want we want we want we want

and we therefore LACK what we really want. happiness. peace. good health. And so we are slaves, slaves to the media, and slaves to our egos.

we are slaves to our egos

and as long as we are slaves to our egos, we will never be free. In my quest for truth, I have found only one answer. Self-Inquiry. Find out WHO YOU REALLY ARE and WHO IS RUNNING THE REAL SHOW and then one comes to know what one really wants.

The peace that we seek is not found online or off line. It is found inside….when we get quite and

stop the voices in your head

that never shut up about what we are lacking, our poverty of spirit. the only way to stop the voices is to learn to BE STILL.  I know, you say you can’t stop all the talk, the voices that never fucking shut up inside your head. that is because you have to insert a new program. That is where the ancient practice of yoga and meditation which are now modern save the day and slay the ego.

Find a teacher, a tradition, spiritual wisdom that you are comfortable with that inspires you to help you imprint a new program. A program that makes you conscious of your programming and that will give you peace to accept it all.

desire to WANT the truth

desire to get conscious and wake up

desire to be enlightened

desire to want to serve

serving rules

and then one can see…through the blindness…and be FREE. OK, you may be saying, hey Yoga Nurse, what about YOUR ego…it’s out there big time right now…yes?  OH yes and my only desire through this media, twitter, facebook etc. is to help people to WAKE UP…this is my programming, my casting, the role I am playing in this play called life.

You are all cast to play a part in the play…

find out WHO is playing behind the scenes in your show

More on the play and your part in it soon…

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