What is the most challenging part about being an awakened holistic nurse?

Since you are here reading this, I want to play a little guessing game!

  1. I believe that you are a nurse. 👩‍⚕️
  2. I sense that you love yoga! 🧘‍♀️
  3. I know that you searched for “yoga” and “nursing” and you found us! Your YogaNurse tribe! 🤭

How did I guess? A nurse never reveals her secrets! 🤐

Here’s a better question. What made you search for such a curious combination of words? 

“Yoga” and “Nursing” sounds like an oxymoron. A slow paced, zen-like, relaxed state versus a fast paced, mind-bending, chaotic state, yet here you are, one of the shining stars in modern nursing awakened to the brilliance of taking a more holistic approach to nursing. 

It is exciting to find with ever increasing frequency, the world is finally acknowledging the power of yoga in medical care and occupational health. 

Still, even with the progress we’ve made, many of us will be met with skepticism and resistance as not everybody has caught up yet with the concept of yoga in a medical setting. Have you ever tried getting your team to slow down and do breathing exercises in the middle of a busy day? The settings doesn’t always permit you the ability to suggest yoga to a cardiac patient lest you be met with accusations of being a snake oil salesman. 

Going against the stream is never easy but it’s important that you understand that you are on the right path. Yoga IS indeed beneficial to a cardiac patient! Our cardiac protocol in our upcoming YogaNurse Yoga Teacher Training (YNYTT) was created by RN Lindsay Pemble and it details exactly how yoga can be used safely and effectively to assist cardiac patients.

Some of the ways in which Yoga is beneficial in the medical world:

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A YogaNurse seamlessly combines the science of modern nursing with the wisdom of ancient yoga. YogaNurses understand the importance and benefits of both and they do not seek to compartmentalize the two. pic.twitter.com/1yrk7nlAU9 Share on X

A note of caution: while yoga is beneficial in a multitude of medical situations there is a common misperception that yoga is a magic cure all solution for any illness…this is not what a YogaNurse believes and it is important to clarify this when introducing the YogaNurse concept to people who may be unfamiliar with it. This will reduce the skepticism you might receive from others.

A YogaNurse seamlessly combines the science of modern nursing with the wisdom of ancient yoga. YogaNurses understand the importance and benefits of both and they do not seek to compartmentalize the two. A YogaNurse also understands that in order to best serve her patients, she must also administer self care and practice yogic principles safely. 

As a member of the YogaNurse tribe you have the divine calling and mission to ensure that there is further progress in the field of nursing. Our duty as inspired by Florence Nightingale is to ease the pain and suffering of others. To ensure that every sick person gets the best chance at recovery. Nurses play a vital role in finding solutions that work on both a spiritual and physical level. 

At the YogaNurse Academy we work out all the details, teach you the essentials of combining yoga and nursing and with our new course coming up – the YogaNurse Yoga Teacher Training (YNYTT), you will find yourself armed with knowledge on how to safely prescribe yoga at a level appropriate with your nursing education and licensure as a nurse, nurse educator, or nurse practitioner. So keep a lookout for more news if you feel the calling. 

Here’s a question we would love to get your response on. Please comment or contact us.

What challenges have you faced while trying to introduce yoga into your work environment?

Your feedback is super appreciated and helps us improve the resources we provide to you.

Blissings and Gratitude

Annette Tersigni and Team Yoganurse

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