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LEARN simple, “non-intimidating” proven strategies that work and any body can do:

FIRST: You will improve your life and revitalize yourself;

AND build your career as a holistic nursing leader, change agent + add a new income stream.

IF a live in person training is not convenient for you, consider our powerful online home study eCourse, THE YOGANURSING ESSENTIALS  here http://www.yoganurseacademy.com

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Attend a Live Training
Heart centered Care
Self care + Wealth care strategies for holistic nursing heroes.
You crave fulfillment and appreciation with the status, respect and pay you deserve. Speak your language encouragement. With a plan, structure and guidance.
Anyone Can Do It
No Previous Training in Yoga is Required.
Learn Simple, “non-intimidating” Proven Strategies.
Versatile & Healthful
Yoga Nursing can be offered in a variety of settings as an adjunct therapy for all areas of health care. You will enjoy the social support of peers as you learn to enhance the life force of both patient and caregiver.

Welcome to a NEW ERA in Nursing.
This program is tailor-made for you if:

You are intrigued with uniting the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern nursing.

You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling in your nursing career and you want it back

You are afraid that the stress related to the pain and suffering you deal with on a daily basis is making you sick.

You keep telling yourself that you have to take some time for you but something always comes up that stops you from giving your health the urgent care you know you are craving.

You yearn to heal the heart and soul of your inner nurse, but have well…lost heart.

You’re bored with the “same old” continuing nursing education you have to take to keep your license current.

You wish to inspire your nursing career and seek a new direction in patient care.

You are intrigued in learning how you can make a great living as a “Yoga Nursing” professional and really make a difference in YOU and your patients lives, without the “burn out. Happy, happy, JOY, JOY!”

Who Benefits from Yoganursing?
YogaNursing is easy, proven and anyone can do it

Nurses, patients, or clients who are interested in therapeutic yoga BUT:

Getting down on the floor in the work place isn’t practical, or injuries, knee surgery, weight issues, inflexibility and other challenges make getting on the floor uncomfortable.

After you learn the self-care program for yourself, you can teach it to a massive health care market place – patients, hospitals, business, government, retreats and groups.

Get the word on Yoga Nursing with these amazing nurses including advanced practice nurses.
Here are Some Ways in which Yoganursing can Be Applied in Your Clinical Practice
Learn all of this in my Training
Cardiac Care and Recovery, Hypertension
Sleeping Disorders and Fatigue
Digestive Maintenance and Therapy
Maternal Child Health
Emotional Therapy, Neurological disorders
Substance abuse-mental health
Asthma, Emphysema, Allergies
Stress Management
Diabetes, Impotence, Infertility
Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Flexibility
Cancer Care and Recovery, Anxiety
General Health Maintenance

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Get powerful curated tips on the art of nurses teaching yoga

In spirit of our upcoming training: YNYTT (Yoganurse Yoga Teacher Training), we are giving away this jam-packed guide full of wonderful curated tips that will help you become a highly effective & highly influential nurse yoga teacher.

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